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NAME: Windows
FANDOM: Star Trek Reboot
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Pavel Chekov, Montgomery Scott, a couple of OCs, others mentioned | pre-slash Chekov/Scotty, others mentioned.
GENRES: Romance/Drama/Tragedy
SUMMARY: They say that eyes are the windows into one's soul. But Chekov seems soulless, and Scotty wants to know why.
PROMPT: 37: Eyes
WARNINGS: Abuse, OOC!Chekov, AU, twisted and bad (as in, bad character) OCs.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any characters or references shown here. I do own the idea to some degree, as well as the creative liberties to write this fic.

NOTE: I apologize first-hand for how my OCs treat Chekov in this story. Onward, then:

( Windows )
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NAME: Never Been Kissed
FANDOM: Star Trek Reboot
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Pavel Chekov, Montgomery Scott, mentions of Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Christine Chapel, Cupcake and Hikaru Sulu | Chekov/Scotty, mentioned past!Sulu/Chekov, Sulu/McCoy, unrequited!Scotty/McCoy, & past!Scotty/Chapel, Chapel/Cupcake (here as Greg Harris)
GENRES: Romance/Drama
SUMMARY: Chekov’s never been kissed before, especially by the older, more charismatic Montgomery Scott.
PROMPT: 8: Innocence
WARNINGS: Chekov’s accent, Scotty’s accent, slash, and fluff. I might also quote “The Word of Your Body (Reprise)” from Spring Awakening, but don’t worry about it.
AU: European-ish school system, meaning middle school is 7-9 grades. Middle school fic. Scotty is 14-15 and Chekov is 11-12 (aww, just a wittle baby!!).

( Never Been Kissed )

NAME: Off Limits
RATING: R (not quite NC-17, but it does get a little hinky)
FANDOM: Star Trek Reboot
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Pavel Chekov, Montgomery Scott, mentions of all sorts of other characters (including OCs) | Scotty/Chekov, Chekov/OC (sorry!), other pairing mentions
GENRES: Romance/Drama
SUMMARY: Pavel is a budding sorcerer. Only problem? Magic is forbidden in this world. When his family puts him on a mission to assassinate Montgomery Scott for the other’s involvement in the betrayal of the clan’s Princess, will he be able to go through with it?
WARNINGS: Fantasy, fluff, slash, spells said in Welsh, and some Harry Potter-esque swearing. Slight Merlin rip-off, but not much.
PROMPT: 62 - Magic
AU: Modern times. Alternate dimension where magic is real (like its not here and now *huffs*) but forbidden. I use spells from Harry Potter. “Merlin’s Pants” is a swear frequently dropped. Chekov is 20, Scotty is about 29: creative liberties, b*tches.

( Off Limits )

NAME: My Hero
FANDOM: Star Trek Reboot
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Pavel Chekov, Montgomery Scott, douche bag!CUPCAKE (here as douche bag!Greg Harris), Christopher Pike, others| pre-slash Chekov/Scotty, Hikaru/Uhura, Cupcake/Chapel
GENRES: Romance/Drama/Angst
SUMMARY: The one known as Cupcake bullies Chekov constantly. Cue a little courage from his silent admirer.
PROMPT: 68: Hero
WARNINGS: No accents (gasp!), slash (gasp!), swearing (gasp!), physical & emotional abuse (gasp!), bullying (gasp!), and fluff (gasp!).
AU: High school setting, everyone’s about sophomore/junior level. Cupcake is more of a douche bag.

( My Hero )

NAME: Boy Should Come With A Warning Label
FANDOM: Star Trek Reboot
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Pavel Chekov, Montgomery Scott; Nyota Uhura others mentioned | Scotty/Chekov, others mentioned
GENRES: Romance/Humor
SUMMARY: It started with a cup of coffee.
PROMPT: 78: Drink; “WARNING: The beverage you’re about to consume is extremely hot.”
WARNINGS: barista!Chekov, workaholic!Scotty, a coffee shop setting, fluff, bad puns… Chekov and Scotty flirt with each other so much you want to finally push them together to get them to snog. You know…
AU: Modern day setting. Somewhere in England, as Scotty still has a Scottish accent, but Chekov has a Cockney accent. I’m taking some liberties here! Chekov works in a coffee shop, Scotty works as a computer programmer. Uhura is generally awesome, but what else is new?

( Boy Should Come With A Warning Label )
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Title: Science and Reason
Author: [livejournal.com profile] madeyemax
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] kauniainen
Mixer: [livejournal.com profile] feels_like_fire
Betas: [livejournal.com profile] barrowjane, [livejournal.com profile] meotional and [livejournal.com profile] insaneboingo. Any remaining errors are the result of my tinkering.
Series: STXI AU
Character/Pairing(s): Scotty/Chekov, background Spock/Uhura, past Scotty/Uhura, with Sulu, Kirk, McCoy, Gaila, Pike, Richard Barnett, Olson, OFC, eventual Sulu/Gaila, very subtly implied Kirk/McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 94,262
Warnings: Violence, mentions of child abuse, 17-year-old!Chekov + sexy times, some consent issues, minor character death, (highlight to read the rest) mind control-y business
Author's Note: Please see masterpost or AO3.
Summary: OMNI ENTERPRISES is paving the way in creating longer, healthier, happier lives. We're working towards cleaner, more efficient solutions for everything from your daily commute, to your work environment, to how you run your home, and even leisure activities. From healthier foods to neuro-assessment to cybernetic skeletal reinforcement, OMNI can help you create a richer quality of life for yourself and your loved ones. OMNI ENTERPRISES - because life is universal.

After breaking up with Nyota, a former Omni employee-turned-anti-Omni activist, Scotty, one of Omni's aerospace engineers, is depressed until he meets Pavel, a sweet, funny young genius with no place to go and a strange need to please. Scotty offers Pavel a place to stay, not realizing how complicated his life is about to become. Suddenly finding himself in the middle of a battle between Omni, the multi-billion-dollar corporation he works for, and Nyota, one of his closest friends, Scotty becomes more entangled in Omni's shady dealings than he ever imagined possible.

Link to Fic: DW|AO3
Link to Art: Here
Link to Mix: Here

Dedicated to geeks and nerds everywhere. Come out and be proud.
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Unexpected Domesticity (sequel to Higher Learning)
Author: [profile] arcane_lark
Rating: G
Pairings: Scotty/girl!Chekov
Summary: Scotty comes home from the lab to find a thoroughly domestic Polina.
Warnings: Gratuitous Eurovision references, sickening fluff.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Notes: The first continuation of the Higher Learning AU. I've been having real problems with the rest of the 'verse (by which I mean this pesky little thing called "university" is getting in the way), but this little bit of fluff has been sitting unposted for a few weeks now, so here we go!

Late November, 2009
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Title: Higher Learning, part III
Author: [profile] arcane_lark 
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Scotty/girl!Chekov
Summary: Scotty and Polina get home and go at it like bunnies.
Warnings: Het, PWP, mentions of bondage, Polina's drunken ramblings
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Notes: This is the last part of the first story in what is promising to be an AU I will be writing in for a while, in which our intrepid crew are postgrads at present-day Columbia University.

Higher Learning, part III

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Title: Indecent Exposure
Author: [profile] arcane_lark 
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Scotty/girl!Chekov
Summary: Polina's uniform is highly distracting. Scotty has been trying very hard not to notice. It hasn't been working. Written for
this prompt on the STXI Kink Meme.
Disclaimer: I own nothing

Indecent Exposure
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Title: Higher Learning
Author: [profile] arcane_lark 
Pairing: Scotty/girl!Chekov in this part
Summary: Getting ready for the Halloween Ball. Polina has a Surprise. The beginnings of a response to this prompt on the Kink Meme.
Dislcaimer: I own nothing
Notes: So, this is the beginning of a major AU set in the present at Columbia University, where all of the characters are grad students/Ph.D. candidates/etc. Part 2 is also up at my journal, so go check that out, too!

Higher Learning
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Title: Camera Obscura (or, Sunshine on Leith)
Author: Tally Cola
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9833
Pairing: Scotty/Chekov and some Sulu/Chekov sorta.
Summary: The marriage of a Russian Prince and the King of Scotland.

Warning: Dub-con I guess sorta?? Also major history fail. Oh yeah, and spanking.
It's also WAY schmoopy which is not my usual fare except it seems... to be... all I write for this fandom. *facepalm*
No beta has touched this.
Bigger author's note detailing the history fail in the post.

Written for this prompt on st_xi_kink.

What does this city have to offer me? Everyone else thinks it's the bee's knees
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TITLE: Dirty, Yes?
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Scotty/Chekov (with mention of many other; Pike/Nero)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Scotty spends some quality time with his pet. Takes place in an AU where consensual sexual slavery is a norm.
Warning: Heavy with D/s. Beware
A/N: Written as an answer to this prompt on [livejournal.com profile] st_xi_kink. Not beta'd.

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Title: Playing with Fire (NC-17)
Author: Izzy
Pairing: Scotty/girl!Chekov
Summary: Polina Chekov knows exactly how far to push Scotty before the fireworks start.  Based on this prompt from the kink meme.
Warnings: Spanking, lack of a plot
Note: This is genderswap (i.e. het), but I thought it fit the guidelines for the community.  Let me know if that is not true.

It started with a casual touch on his shoulder...


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