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Join us for Round 1 of the [livejournal.com profile] nutrekexchange!
Signups open April 2nd
See the community profile for more information
Guidelines can found here

MODS: Let me know if this type of promotion isn't allowed and I will delete the post.

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It’s not about the competition.
It’s not about the quality of the writing, the vidding or the graphics.
It’s not about the better, the superior, the greatest.

It’s about spirit. That you bring, that you create. The bonds you forge and the community that you become apart of it, that becomes part of you.

It’s about you and we want you for Ship Olympics 2011.

Find out more here at [livejournal.com profile] st_respect

*Posted with permission.
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Hope this is allowed! ^_^

Similarly to other brilliant fundraiser comms by livejournal members, I am suggesting a multi-fandom donation scheme for COMIC RELIEF, a British initiative charity that works to help improve the lives of children in 76 countries to date.

[livejournal.com profile] rnd11_fandom[livejournal.com profile] rnd11_fandom[livejournal.com profile] rnd11_fandom
[livejournal.com profile] rnd11_fandom[livejournal.com profile] rnd11_fandom[livejournal.com profile] rnd11_fandom

A link to how Comic Relief helps some of the poorest children in the world.
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If you are already a member of [info]jim_and_bones  you are familiar with comment/picture fic concept.  But for those of you not in the know, it’s a celebration of all things Jim/Bones, Chris/Karl in their many varied forms and roles, evar.  Even if you don’t enjoy or ship this pairing it’s an interesting idea.  One that I’ve been toying with for [info]riverside_ebook .


Plus, if you’re like me, sometimes you wish those truly awesome comment fic was in a nicer format.  Easier, portable, to enjoy at your leisure. 


The Proposal…

To boldly create comment fic based on picture prompts posted by responders and fic wishers to be included in a grand ebook.  Said fic will be formatted for download in the standard formats (ePub, Amazon Kindle, and PDF).

(read more)

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[livejournal.com profile] happy_trekmas is again open for sign-ups until September 27th. Two pairings/characters from TOS/AOS are required, but pairings/characters from other Star Trek series are welcome. Please note that while we will try to accommodate all canon, we can't promise it.
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to support Ensign Pavel Chekov with fanfiction, fanart, graphics, and fanvids. 

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[livejournal.com profile] st_respect is the place. Right now is the time. This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny, people. Hoist your ship's flag high and declare your capslocky love for the good ship Scotty/Chekov!

"Ship Wars is a challenge to demonstrate the worthiness and superiority of your ship through the creative medium. Instead of resorting to physical violence, we will be relying on the written word and visual art to sway the undecided and decidedly decided into the grander appreciation of YOUR SHIP."

You know that Scokov is the ultimate ship. It's a wonderland of kinks! You've got the accents, ageplay, technophilia, virgins, KILTS. Oh dear god, the KILTS! And on top of all that, you've got mad Scottish and Russian pride. So please, if there is any love in your heart for Scokov, let that geek flag fly and sign up! Do it for the nerd!love. Do it for science. Do it for Scokov! It's exciting!

Feel free to snag the above banner and pimp like crazy!



Enlist today!
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Hello and a festive Saturnalia (and other holidays) to those who celebrate it! I have come bearing a brand new RPG!

Right now it's just Bones so we could definitely use a Chekov and a Scotty and...well...anyone else, for that matter! After getting booted from Georgia by the ex, Bones made his way to open up a private practice in San Fransisco. So maybe Scotty's the tender at a bar that he frequents or the practice's engineer/guy who supplies cool medical stuff or owns a mechanic shop next door or nearby. Chekov could be a receptionist who is also a genius high school student? The imagination can come up with a lot of things.

Slash/Crack/Angst/Pornings welcomed.

[livejournal.com profile] privte_practice [livejournal.com profile] privte_practice [livejournal.com profile] privte_practice

*No application process
*No audition process

Thank you for your time!
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Or perhaps you've written Meta or want to start a discussion on something in Star Trek. Want to rant, rave, regale us with humor? Do you wonder what all the Narada changed by jumping into AOS? Is there something about the Star Trek universe or Fandom you're just dying to talk about?

Star Trek Universe

Read more about this comm )

This, my friends, is the community for all of this and more! Whether your Meta/Discussions/Questions are of a more serious nature, are Total Crack, or anywhere in between – All are welcome here!

[livejournal.com profile] st_universe [livejournal.com profile] st_universe [livejournal.com profile] st_universe [livejournal.com profile] st_universe [livejournal.com profile] st_universe
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Join [livejournal.com profile] st09slashmeme! Round One begins on August 9th and you don't want to miss this! Slash oriented and all slash approved!

[livejournal.com profile] st09slashmeme [livejournal.com profile] st09slashmeme [livejournal.com profile] st09slashmeme

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Mind if I leave this here? (I'm not sure what this comm's rules are on pimping out others, but I thought it seemed topical enough.)

[livejournal.com profile] scottython

New ficathon. All about Scotty, any pairing goes, and it'd be great to round up some of the Scotty/Chekov fans around about these parts to join in.

(Usual apologies for spamming of f-list, etc.)


dw backup of the original lj comm!

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