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I know I'm pretty quiet on here but I wish I wasn't breaking my modly silence because of this. I'm not sure how many of you know this yet but it has been brought to my attention that Livejournal *may* be cracking down on on journals that contain "gay content". Initially, I was a bit flaily hands about it but I've calmed down and I'm going to be keeping an eye on this. But just in case, back up your journals, back your fic up, repost it to DW, AO3, your archive of choice, personal domain, etc.

As for this community, I can't do anything about it *right now* as I have an 8 am class and I'm supposed to be asleep currently, but when I get home, I'll probably make a mirror comm on DW and back everything up over there. Just in case.

Here are some backup tools that I found if you want to back your journal up.

If there's anything that I'm missing or just don't know, let me know please!


EDIT (10/08/2013): Looks like this may be a case of possible troll behaviour as things aren't adding up. Still will be keeping an eye on this.


dw backup of the original lj comm!

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